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Recent Site Updatesfrom July 12th
- Reset the database again in an attempt to fix the duplication bug. hopefully...
+ Added Striker Leaderboards! Check global winrate!
+ Updated country flags.
+ Added Server Pinger page to show your exact, average ping to each OS Server. No more restarting custom games!
+ Added NASL, NASA, & NAST Team Badges to Competing Players.
+ Added Players Online page to show how many players are online in each region.
+ Reworked Navbar. Now it has dropdown menus!
+ Added Team Logos to Leaderboard Page.
+ Added "Missing Emote" image for when an emote is improperly called. Please report it to us if you find it!
+ Fixed some bugs.

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Current Awakenings in RotationLast updated: July 5th, 2024
Current Maps in RotationSomething wrong? Ping @blals on the OS Discord!

If a map says 'No Data' for Striker Bans, and you would like to provide your input, please reach out to us!
Current Strikers in RotationThe following Strikers are currently free to all users.

You can also find these in the #free-striker-rotation channel in the OS Discord Server.
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